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Our services

Scuba Courses

We offer courses for kids from 8 years old, for those that have never dive in the past, junior Open Water, all the range of core programs & specialties, technical, sidemount, rebretaher, wreck & cave!

Experience Dives

For certified divers from shore and of course by boat. Check dives, reactivation and accompanied dives for Discover Scuba Diving certified divers. Don’t miss our snorkeling-skin diving crousises.

Equipment Rental

All the appropriate gear for snorkeling, skin diving and scuba diving. SANTI, Xdeep, Scubatech, DUX, Yellowdiving, Halcyon and more. We provide you equipment that we personaly use for our dives!

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Seminars & Workshops

Online and ofline Seminars, webinars, lectures & Workshops is our way to keep you up to date with all the developments and the newest diving practices.

Equipment Maintenance

You will not miss any of your scheduled dives. A well equiped & organized service center not only for your scuba gear but also for your rebreather.

Rebreather Consumables

We are rebreather friendly dive center and we can support your rebreather dives with sofnolime, batteries, cylinders, o-ring kits and gases.

Gas Filling Station

A well equiped, maintained and fast gas filling station for nitrox, trimix, heliox and helitrox mixtures for your recreational, technical, rebreather, wreck and cave dives.

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About us

The growth of Greek scuba diving as sport and profession with integrity to the birthplace of scuba diving. Our Mission Is To Highlight All The Modern Methologies, Technologies, Instructors, Divers And Explorers, To a Paradise Country For Divers From Around The World! Sea Breaze is a diving company which is framed by active divers and explorers that are diving in warm but also cold waters 12 month a year, not only in Greece but to several other places on earth. We don’t just teach scuba diving. We love to educate and build solid diving personalities!