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Virtual Reality Diving Tours

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Locate the arrows and click, with the cursor if you are on a PC, or with your finger if you are on a mobile device. Click on items along the way to view photos and videos of points of interest. For an even more impressive experience, use a VR Headset.

Virtual Reality

The virtual reality model is divided into four main categories:

  1. Desktop systems, which are computers with support systems that can navigate the 3D virtual space wearing stereoscopic sensor glasses or helmets.

  2. Immersion Systems, in which the user has the feeling that he is cut off from the real world using helmets (HMD – Head Mounted Display), and within them are represented images of a landscaped environment.

  3. The Simulator Systems, which are used in flight, shipping and driving simulators.

  4. The CAVE Systems, which include a normal room, configured with the desired images and objects that will be perceived by the user of the virtual world, who at the same time has the ability to move in this space having control of all his senses.

What We Do

Ingenious, Fun and Psychological Safe Stress Exposure Simulations

We created an imaginative, fun, safe, and functional combination of scientific researches, the principles of virtual reality, and simulations for blended learning on Business and Management skills.