Snorkeling Greece is a company dedicated to Snorkeling, Skin Diving and Free Diving Courses, excursions, trips, events, underwater games and competitions.


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Why to join us to our next excursions

Snorkeling, Skin Diving, and Free Diving are ideal for having fun, to meet new friends and most importantly to improve your fitness.


What we do

We love teaching people on how to properly and effectively use their own body in combination with the snorkeling equipment (mask, snorkel, fins, suit and weights) in order to further explore the underwater realm.

During any of our courses you will also receive training in CPR with no extra charge, until you decide to go for the complete Emergency First Response – EFR course.

One of our highest priorities is to protect the environment.
For that reason we organize several environmental activities such as each cleanups, nets and plastics hauls and more.

We are the organizers of the two most amazing underwater games in Greece.
Use different ways to move forward while underwater, collect points, help your buddy, pull your buddy and other much more fun and memorable games.

Organize your team, do practice, read our blog for tips and tricks, participate to our next competition and win several prizes!


How to join us

Every Saturday and Sunday we meet each other to the center of Athens to our mini bus.

We organize daily excursions, Snorkeling weekends (once per two months when off season and once per month when on season) and twice a year an Underwater Game.

Follow us to places around Athens, Tolo, Ancient Asini, Sounio, Vouliagmeni lake, Loutraki, Evia, Peloponnese and more.
Check the spots here and our calendar here.



We provide you the most up to date and contemporary snorkeling, skin diving and scuba diving equipment as our highest priority is to ensure that you will get the most out of your training and the fun excursions with us.