PADI Advanced Open Water

Why to take this class.
- Because it will give you more and better knowledge base in combination with those you previews learned during your Open Water Diver class
- You will be able to dive deeper in order to see and explore different aquatic life, wrecks, caverns, walls and reefs.
- You will be able to participate to the majority of the most popular dive trips around the globe and of course to become part of our international dive team!!!

If you already have a PADI e-learning account, sign in and follow the instructions from step ''8'' as they described here.
- After that book your dates and your dives. Here you can see the Training Rates.

During the Open Water class you learned how to ''survive'' underwater, by using the foundational skills, in order to solve a potential problem underwater if it will appear, moving on ''straight lines''.
In this class you will learn how to properly solve issues underwater, but this time while you perform an action, like uw navigation, search & recovery, mapping etc.

Traditional Scuba Gear

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Hogarthian setup - Hogarthian Open Water Diver

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Sidemount - Sidemount Open Water Diver

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Suggested courses that most of the divers buy in combination with the Advanced Open Water Diver Course.

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Every single day is different opportunity for another diving excursion to the Saronic Gulf, either from shore, either by boat. The most amazing walls, reefs, wrecks, caverns and caves are waiting for you to explore them. If you own your scuba gear you can participate with just 10.00 euro for the emergency oxygen, the guide, soft drinks and snacks. For equipment rental, gases, sodalime and other fees, please check our official price list here.


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