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Personal growth and resilience. Adaptive decision-making mastery.

We empower individuals and teams with the skills to confidently tackle challenges, overcome obstacles, and flourish amidst uncertainty, ensuring success in both personal and professional endeavors.

Coaching & Learning activities, designed to reflect the real Business situations and Management systems.

sea-breaze-vucasim-dive-astonaut-in-the-ocean-education awards stickers 2022-GOLD Sea Breaze is very proud to have received the Gold Award for “Horizontal Skills & Employability” at the Education Leaders Awards for “VUCASIM Dive”. This program prepares individuals and groups to perform effectively in high-stress environments, such as businesses and organizations. It increases the familiarity with the environment and the conditions under which the skills must be performed effectively and develops the ability and confidence to perform these skills, despite the distractions and workloads that exist or may arise. Read more ➔

The corresponding Astronaut in the Ocean program, designed for children aged 9-12, 13-16, and 14-17, helps to develop responsible, ethical, global citizens, for the digital age. Students who will work together for an improved future in the dimensions, of air, land, sea, space, and cyberspace. Read more ➔

Things you can do with us

Leadership Development Programs

Leadrship scenarios for decision-making under pressure, and leading by example.

Team Building Retreats

Improving communication, collaboration, and trust among team members.

Stress Management & Resilience Workshops

Relaxation techniques, mindfulness and ways to build resilience.

Corporate Wellness Retreats

An imaginative combination of scuba diving with wellness activities.

Communication & Conflict Resolution Seminars

Active listening and assertive communication during diving exercises

CSR Initiatives

The impact of human activities on marine ecosystems

Change Management Programs

Navigate through transitions and ebmbrace change positively.

Creative Thinking & Innovation Workshops

Underwater sessions that encourage participants to come up with innovative solutionsto business challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion Trainings

The strenght of diverse teams and the importance of inclusion in the workplace.

Networking & Relationship Building Events

Meaningful relationships among participants, promoting future collaboration and business opportunities.

Health & Safety Programs

Learning experiences including First Aid & CPR AED usage, that leaves a lasting impact.

Antifragilty training & Workshops

Beyond withstand shocks, randomness, and uncertainty. Learn and practice ways to benefit and improve from them.

We are eager to work with

Forward-Thinking and Strategic Managers who have a forward-thinking mindset and are focused on long-term strategies.

Change Agents who embrace change, innovation, and adaptability that recognize the importance of developing skills and strategies that enable their organizations to thrive in dynamic and unpredictable conditions.

Decision-Makers who are responsible for making critical decisions within their organizations and are interested in enhancing their decision-making capabilities.

Growth-Oriented Managers who prioritize personal and professional growth, as well as the growth of their teams and organizations.

Risk Managers who are responsible for assessing and managing risks within their organizations, and want to understand and proactively address the risks associated with volatile and uncertain business environments.

Collaborative Leaders who value teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication, foster teamwork and encourage managers to explore strategies for enhancing collaboration and communication within their teams.

Industry Leaders and Innovators who strive to be industry leaders and drive innovation within their organizations, recognizing the need to proactively respond to market changes and disrupt traditional approaches to stay ahead of the competition.

Learning Enthusiasts who have a passion for continuous learning and development, and who are eager to acquire new skills and perspectives that can enhance their leadership capabilities.

What We Do

Ingenious, Fun and Psychological Safe Stress Exposure Simulations

The 4th industrial revolution and coronavirus. The points of balance between physical, biological, and digital reality have shifted.

To get through these difficult times of change by leaving a legacy, we need to perform beyond resilience and to focus on performance under pressure.

Practical, safe, and fun simulation-based solutions to complex problems and environments, based on leadership and critical decision-making lessons, learned through the hyperbaric, 3d, dynamic, constantly changing, and turbulent underwater realm.

We don’t teach just theory learned in a classroom. We offer, over and below the sea level, unique, personalized, risk-free, and safe solutions, designed to help you and your team(s) function in levels beyond resilience.

We offer

Integrated Experiential Learning: Workshops that combine the thrilling experience of scuba diving with practical simulations, allowing participants to learn and apply business concepts in a hands-on and engaging manner. No traditional classroom-based training programs.

Unique Metaphorical Approach: Using scuba diving as a metaphor for business challenges, we offer a fresh and unique perspective on topics like risk management, decision-making, teamwork, and more. This approach enables participants to grasp complex concepts by relating them to real-life scenarios they encounter underwater.

Immersive and Memorable Experiences: Participants get to explore the underwater world while simultaneously immersing themselves in business simulations. This provides unforgettable experiences that enhance knowledge retention and foster a deeper understanding of the discussed topics.

Blend of Adventure and Skill Development: Our workshops offer the excitement of scuba diving adventure while simultaneously developing essential business skills. This combination appeals to adventurous individuals and teams who seek personal growth and professional development in a non-traditional setting.

Tailored for Business Professionals: Our simulations are specifically designed for business owners, middle and senior managers and project team members, ensuring the content and activities align with their unique needs and challenges. This specialization distinguishes us from generic scuba diving programs.

Focus on Safety Culture: With a focus on safety culture, we prioritize the well-being of participants during the scuba diving workshops. This commitment to safety adds value and reassurance, particularly for organizations that prioritize employee welfare.

Expert Facilitators: Our workshops are led by experienced scuba diving instructors who are also knowledgeable in business concepts. This expertise ensures participants receive high-quality guidance, debriefing, and insights that bridge the gap between scuba diving experiences and practical business applications.

Customizable Programs: We offer the flexibility to tailor the workshops to the specific needs and objectives of different organizations. This customization enables us to cater to a variety of industries, company sizes, and skill levels.

It's a hell of loads of fun!

Courses, training, and events for those who want to be the new pioneers in business excellence, corporate wellbeing, health and safety, and innovation, focusing on empowering them to take responsibility for their actions and processes, in order to improve them.

The Founder

Spyros Kollas is a rebreather & cave diving instructor and multiple business owner, with experience in team and crew resource management, as well as in business excellence models, tools & programs.

Through Sea Breaze he is offering Long-range, “stressful”, time-bound leadership training, single or multi-day workshops, keynote speaking, and web-based training programs. 

Dive in VUCA Leadership

For leaders, businesses, and organizations who strive high performance

dive-in-vuca-leadership-web-IIEvery now & then I reflect on what I experienced as a diver, as a diving instructor, and as a business owner, and think of how it correlates to my work life, especially in the context of how ‘the world of business and work’ is changing in the VUCA world.

It isn’t that SCUBA taught me something I did not know already. But the experience taught me how these basics mattered and testing these in real practice made me see how critical these learning outcomes are. Plus the huge impact it can make in a world that thrives on the need to be agile, focus on the details, collaborate, innovate & have clarity of purpose in anything we do. Perceptual Narrowing and Mental Myopia in Business, Technological Innovations, Virtual Reality, Putting the Knowledge from mind to body, Theory of Embodied Cognition, Cognitive Diversity, VUCA Simulation Diving, and more business-related topics in this eBook. Download for free ➔


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Our solutions solve substantially and in the light of some of the most important business problems faced by companies like leadership, productivity, diversity, integration, innovation, and mergers.

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Ingenius Failures by Creating Error Producing Conditions. Smart Risk-Taking and Maximum Learning.


Team Building Risk-Free Leadership Simulations

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Health & Safety at work with First Aid Simulations