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We provide immersive and scientifically-backed scuba diving training programs, so that our participants develop essential life skills, become more adaptable, resilient, and effective leaders, and enjoy transformative underwater experiences that enrich their personal and professional lives.

What we do

sea-breaze-vucasim-dive-astonaut-in-the-ocean-education awards stickers 2022-GOLD Sea Breaze is very proud to have received the Gold Award for “Horizontal Skills & Employability” at the Education Leaders Awards for “VUCASIM”. This program prepares individuals and groups to perform effectively in high-stress environments, such as businesses and organizations. It increases the familiarity with the environment and the conditions under which the skills must be performed effectively and develops the ability and confidence to perform these skills, despite the distractions and workloads that exist or may arise. Read more ➔

What sets us apart

Sea Breaze stands at the forefront of corporate training by offering a unique, immersive learning experience through scuba diving. Unlike traditional classroom-based programs, we combine cutting-edge scientific research, real-world case studies, and underwater simulations to develop essential soft, people, and human skills. Our innovative approach not only fosters leadership, teamwork, and resilience but also provides a transformative adventure that sets us apart as the premier choice for organizations seeking impactful and memorable professional development.

Self Development Bundle

The Surprising Psychology that Will Skyrocket your Self-Development Journey

Experiential Training

Ingenius Failures by Creating Error Producing Conditions. Smart Risk-Taking and Maximum Learning.


Team Building Risk-Free Leadership Simulations

Water Zones

Team Bonding Snorkeling Underwater Games

First Responder

Health & Safety at work with First Aid Simulations

Tailor-made corporate solutions

Leadership Development Programs

Leadrship scenarios for decision-making under pressure, and leading by example.

Team Building Retreats

Improving communication, collaboration, and trust among team members.

Stress Management & Resilience Workshops

Relaxation techniques, mindfulness and ways to build resilience.

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Dive Into Fun and Knowledge!

Courses, training, keynotes and events for those who want to be the new pioneers in business excellence, corporate wellbeing, health and safety, and innovation, focusing on empowering them to take responsibility for their actions and processes, in order to improve them.

The Founder

Spyros Kollas is a rebreather & cave diving instructor and multiple business owner, with experience in team and crew resource management, as well as in business excellence models, tools & programs.

Through Sea Breaze he is offering Long-range, “stressful”, time-bound leadership training, single or multi-day workshops, keynote speaking, and web-based training programs. 

Float to Soar

The Surprising Psychology that Will Skyrocket your Self-Development Journey

agile adaptive decision making

Conquering Fear & Amplifying Courage. Your path to Resillinece

Dive in VUCA Leadership

Embracing Clarity. Transformative Leadership in Turbulent Times
Your Path to Antifragility