Corporate Environmental Responsibility

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Ghost Nets

Action that started in 2017 with a series of voluntary diving activities, with the majority of them at depths greater than 40 meters, with the aim of retrieving ghost nets from shipwrecks and reefs. Our actions were presented in a variety of media, but also at the 1st European Maritime Day held at the Athens Concert Hall in 2018 (“Nets for Fishing: How to sew nets for fishing in a traditional way!”)



Improving the efficiency of our operations, and supporting local communities. A series of actions with sampling controls and chemical analysis of water in lakes in combination with cleanups above and under the water.


Participation to an international, globe-spanning attempt, for creating comparable artificial reefs of the same size, material, and starting time. The Reefs are all started 1st of May 2014, formed with 20 bricks from red clay. All in shallow water (10 Meters max), documented from the same angle once a week for an entire year, with additional data collected over the duration of the project – Water samples, Species counts etc.. Set up legally in cooperation with the authorities.


ECO Diver

Free of charge training program in combination with eco underwater activities and projects. An Introduction to Conservation and environmental protection and how this can be implemented in diving. Equipment review and guidance of how to improve, so as divers to act in a responsible way, streamline their equipment, master their buoyancy and trim and have proper fining techniques acting as excellent role models.

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