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VUCA Simulation Diving

VUCA Simulation Diving – The Retreat

VUCA Simulation Diving

VUCASIM Dive is a business simulation-based training for executives, managers, and project teams, but also students, that helps them to develop the soft skills that are critical to success in any organization and aspect of life.


We are proud to offer VUCASIM Dive™. A unique simulation-based learning program that gives participants an opportunity to understand themselves better by experiencing different roles in underwater environment. These simulations also help participants understand the influence of their actions on others as well as the impact of others’ actions on themselves.

The simulations are designed to help participants experience stress exposure training and develop soft skills in an experiential way by facilitating them through scenarios that resemble real-life situations and projects involving stress, uncertainty, change, volatility, and ambiguity.

VUCASIM Dive is the world’s first experiential simulation-based training for executives, managers, and project teams with the aim to help them understand their leadership styles, assess their soft skills, and build resilience.

Who is it for?

VUCASIM Dive is designed by professionals who have experienced VUCA environments in their careers. The team comprises of professionals from diverse backgrounds such as military, psychology, aviation, management consulting, IT services, financial services and education.

The VUCASIM Dive is a two-day, experiential training, designed to help executives, managers and project teams develop the soft skills needed to deal with the challenges of today’s complex global business environment.

The VUCASIM Exercises which forms the basis of the Dive is an acronym that stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and speed. The simulation exposes participants to these stresses in a way that prepares them for real-life situations. It has been used by over 75 leading organizations around the world to better prepare their executives, managers and project teams for what they will encounter in today’s fast-changing, highly competitive business environment.

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VUCA Simulation Diving

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