Dive Deep, Lead Strong

We are transforming individuals and teams by challenging them through immersive, zero-gravity experiences so that they develop essential leadership, decision-making, and crisis management skills required to thrive in today’s VUCA business world.

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Beneath the Waves, Beyond Limits!

  • Immersive Experience: A seven-day retreat in luxurious settings, combining scuba diving with structured soft skills training.

  • Expert Facilitation: Certified VUKA facilitators and diving instructors guide participants through practical simulations and leadership exercises.

  • Real-World Scenarios: Underwater simulations mimic high-stress situations, fostering decision-making, crisis management, and other soft skills.

  • Personalized Development: Tailored activities and feedback sessions ensure each participant’s growth and adaptability in VUCA environments.

  • Comprehensive Safety: We prioritize safety with high-quality equipment and expert supervision, ensuring a secure and enriching experience for all.

What we do

sea-breaze-vucasim-dive-astonaut-in-the-ocean-education awards stickers 2022-GOLD Sea Breaze is very proud to have received the Gold Award for “Horizontal Skills & Employability” at the Education Leaders Awards for “VUCASIM”. This program prepares individuals and groups to perform effectively in high-stress environments, such as businesses and organizations. It increases the familiarity with the environment and the conditions under which the skills must be performed effectively and develops the ability and confidence to perform these skills, despite the distractions and workloads that exist or may arise. Read more ➔

What sets this retreat apart

VUCASIM Retreat stands out in the competitive landscape of leadership and team-building programs by offering a unique blend of underwater adventure and practical soft skills training. Unlike traditional classroom-based seminars, our retreat provides an immersive, hands-on experience that challenges participants in real-time high-pressure scenarios. This innovative approach enhances learning and ensures lasting impact, positioning VUCASIM Retreat as the premier choice for progressive organizations and individuals seeking transformative growth and resilience in today’s VUCA business world.

Leading Complex Projects

VUCA Simulation Serious Play.
Imaginative, fun, and safe deep dives in leadership, vitality, and vigor for risk-taking, risk management, crisis management, critical decision-making, and other soft skills, gathering experiences dynamically in ways you are comfortable being uncomfortable.

The Challenge

Pressure is recognized as the main contributor to many conflicts, incidents, and errors. People behave differently under pressure and at such times, sensitivity to other human elements is heightened. Especially those to affect perception and cognitive functions.

This has been observed in highly stressful industries such as Aviation, Military, Technical, Cave and Rebreather diving, Maritime, Healthcare, and Legal, as well as among business executives and organizations.

This explains why effective “training” is recommended to be done, at least in part, when people and teams are under pressure.

The Solution

This is not a traditional scuba diving program. Although you will learn about diving equipment and theory, the training focuses on highlighting the root causes of behavior and how decisions are made. (no previous diving experience required).

This is fundamental, as it helps to achieve the transformation and unification of the teams.

Task Analysis and the corresponding systems of behavioral safety indicators have already been developed and validated in the aforementioned disciplines.

This program prepares individuals and teams to perform effectively in high-stress environments, such as in businesses and organizations. It increases the familiarity with the environment(s) and the conditions in which the skills must be performed effectively, and develops the ability and confidence to perform these skills despite the distractions and workloads that exist or may arise.

Functionality & Reliability
Team Training

This retreat combines a mix of theory from the forefront of scientific research, simple practical exercises, and works in shallow, safe, and fun hyperbaric underwater environments.

At the same time, case studies and collaborative exercises are utilized, in order to homogenize learning.

The maximum number in the class is 15 people and the minimum is 6.

The trainer of this program has many years of experience in this field, having carried out missions and corresponding training in areas such as SAR, CSAR, public safety, high-risk diving teams, and the fields of aviation and business.

Human Element &
Critical Decision Making Simulations

The missions conducted on the surface and underwater have been designed with the support of psychologists, to enhance teamwork and effective performance.

Training is done by creating a “stressful”, time-bound, and demanding environment in which the only way to complete the missions on time, is to work consistently as a team, with clear roles, clear communication, effective leadership, and strong decision-making.

However, the volume of substantive and in-depth learning does not occur during the execution of the underwater missions. It unfolds with detailed and reflective discussions that are motivated and facilitated by our specialized staff, based on your desired goals.

The Value

Understanding of the stress environment: A lower level of stress will generally be experienced when a greater level of advanced information on a stressful situation is made available. Participants are enabled to form more accurate expectations about the situation, increasing predictability and lowering surprise. The level of distraction is thereby reduced, and some planning is possible, which increases the avoidance of performance errors.

Skill development under benign conditions: There is a wide range of stress effects that can degrade task performance. Stress training may provide practice in behavioral and cognitive skills that allow better stress performance, such as multi-tasking skills and prioritizing critical activities.

Building confidence in the ability to perform under stress: The training is effective when a sense of mastery is achieved. This way, negative experiences, and situations will not affect anymore the desired outcome.

Those Simulations conducted with Scuba Diving are designed to identify the existing level of experience and increase it through the “real human factor”.


Everything is related to effective personal and team behavior – in real-time.

Scuba Diving Scenarios

Aquanauts, like astronauts in zero gravity conditions..

Scenarios provide a fun but challenging simulation activity that helps identify different behavioral patterns.

Competing teams of four divers operate with their own diving equipment, participating in a spectacular exploration of an unknown quadrant in the deep ocean – “Mid-Ocean Ridge”.

Working in pairs, the dive team members are using equipment and tools, which are designed to handle:

  • Buoyancy
  • Tasks
  • Time
  • Experiments and
  • The management of breathing gas and reserves.

Linking The Gap

This enjoyable, fun, and imaginative but serious retreat is the missing link between purely vocational training (theory) and the challenges of everyday business (practice).

Scenarios require effective communication and collaboration in a multi-tasking environment where

  • Workload
  • Time management
  • Decision making and
  • Setting priorities

keep the participants busy.

Addressing these challenges, individuals exhibit authentic patterns of behavior, while becoming familiar with the dynamics of body motion under weightless conditions and VUCA conditions.

And most important; “Playing” their own genuine role under pressure.

Is it Safe?

Although the danger potential may seem high, diving is actually a relatively safe sport when conducted sensibly. A roundup of data from the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Japan shows that the statistical chance of fatality while diving is 2-3 per 100,000 dives.

Your safety is our first priority. Our program is conducted by experienced certified instructors who provide thorough briefings and hands-on training. We use top quality equipment and adhere to strict safety guidelines. All our programs follow European recreational diving standards and are fully covered by liability insurance, ensuring a safe and enjoyable soft skills learning and diving experience for all participants.


Live Acting Safety Divers

Safety & support divers, lifeguards, and first-aid providers


Be The Hero

Action and adrenaline soar in a unique mission from Movie


Safety Equipment

Medical kit, Emergency Oxygen and external automatic defibrilator


Massive Map

Safe and with over 40m visibility terrain, with scenes from a movie!


COVID-19 Free

Covid free personel, diving & medical equipment and facilities

Secure Your Spot

Spaces are limited to a minimum of 6 participants and maximum of 15 to ensure personalized attention and a high-quality experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your leadership and team-building skills in a unique and exhilarating setting.

Join us for a transformative journey beneath the waves, and emerge as a stronger, and even more effective leader.



DEPTH: 5-6m


DEPTH: 6-8m


DEPTH: 8-12m

The final selection of the Level of Difficulty (LEVEL) is made upon the familiarization day 1!

Experiential Training

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