“Meraki People” is a purpose driven for profit company that aims to invite people to engineer possibilities in rural Greece. Participants discover the use of biological processes in order to make use of things that we consume and manufacture. We discovered that advances in essentially molecular biology plus advances in AI have allowed us to do new techniques and grow new things. Time to Hellinize it! This facilitates the creation of a Fab Lab in the deserted school of the village, transforming it into a Hub that will invite physical and digital conversations as well as prototype products for income creation, especially for the local youth.


Tasos Karavoulis passed on his love and passion for a quality camp to his children, Spyro and Niovi, who to this day welcome old and new friends who love camping and sports into the arms of SPORTCAMP every summer!
In the following decades, SPORTCAMP is constantly evolving and today, it is the largest sports multi-purpose hall in Greece, while the children’s camp continues to operate during the summer holidays.

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